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LeadBazaar is your global lead buyer. If you have financial traffic online,
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That simple! Our accountant works her ass off to deliver money to your bank account every Thursday. So you could feed tamagotchi called Google or Facebook and drive more traffic to us.

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Our conversion funnels have proven to be among the most efficient to make a buck out of your click. We pay for short leads. Your results are consistent and don't fluctuate due to "it's a seasonability issue" and similar BS.

Full range of integrations

From tracking and postback URLs to widgets with application forms and API connections. Of course, it's all real-time. Nothing else to add here.

Custom-tailored creatives

Designer got sick? Don't have your own designer? Even better! Save the money and let us know which banners or email templates you need. We make them for free. Those money which we save for you, use wisely (hint: don't forget about the tamagotchi).

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